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    Is an exclusive winery in Czech Republic
    selling the greatest wines for an affordable price


    About our company

    Our company specialises in direct delivery of wine from all Portuguese wine-producing regions.

    Portfolio of the company includes products for every taste. This allows us to satisfy clients of any level. Our philosophy is in the strictest selection of wines.

    All the wines form our product range are always available in sufficient amount at our warehouse in Prague.
    At this moment our company is not only a selection of wines, but a dynamic and professional team, main objective of which is to fulfil the demands of a customer while creating the most comfortable terms of cooperation with us. Huge advantage of our company is nicely tuned system of services such as prompt delivery and solid marketing support.
    We would be extremely glad to see you in the ranks of our partners and customers, who according to our experience, rapidly become our company’s sincere friends.

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    Our wine portfolio

    Our valuable suppliers

    Wine-makers selection process is taken very serious by us. Every single one of them has own history, individuality and character. We only work with facilities, which wines become a part of cultural traditions in their region and were highly scored on international level with gold and silver medals. All of our partners are representations of quality, reliability, and exclusive.
    The fair question you might ask is “Why Portugal?”. History of Portuguese wine is as old as sorts of grapes. Wine is produced here for more than 2000 years. Also there was founded the very first in the world demarcated and legislative level regulated wine-producing region named Douro. Portuguese wine has unique flavor as most of the grape sorts grown in Portugal for wine-making are not growing anywhere else in the world. It gives wines individual and inimitable flavor. Portugal is one of the world’s top ten counties with largest areas of vineyards and wines have perfect price-quality ratio.



    Selected Wines LLC
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